"ADINAS" film inauguration

Saturday, February 28 at 4:00am Adot Cinema & Theater Hall, Addis ababa, Ethiopia


Roman Fekade

Roman Fekade is an Ethiopian film producer, actress and film script writer who owns "Kapital" Film Production Company. Roman was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She attended her elementary and secondary education at Cathedral Girls School and Akaki Adventist Boarding School respectively.

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Roman Fikade, who explored African, Asian  and European life styles for about a decade and whose previous experience in film consisted of lead acting (“Kistet”) has expanded her creative talent and moved behind the scenes to write and produce “Bale Taxiw ”,  and “City Boyz” films. 


The name ‘Kapital’ comprises of two meanings. The first is Addis Ababa is known as the capital city of Ethiopia as well as Africa.

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Addis is also known as diplomatic city of Africa, where most diplomats from all over the world prefer to visit or hold meetings on Africa. On the other hand, ‘Capital’ is wealth, assets and riches.


Kapital Film Production Present A Sabisa Films Production "CITY BOYZ"
Roman Fekade...Yayerad Mamo...Netsanet Werkneh...Zerihun Asmamaw...Hana Yohans...

Casting By Roman Fekade Script Supervisor Betelihem Taye Production Manager Girum B/Tsehay Music Score Sulutan Nure
Sound Track Natnael Ayalew(Nhatty) Screen Play Girum B/Tsehay & Roman Fekade Written By Girum B/Tsehay Graphics Designer Aklilu Wondmneh
Ass.Camera Mikyas Almarye Light Derje H/Maryam Boom Ermias Sebsbe Sound Fetsum Yilak

“Bale-taxiw” is the title of this movie directed by Yonas Berhane Mewa.

It is a romantic comedy based in Addis Ababa and follows the story of Meron, a young ambitious career woman who is romantically pursued by a mysterious yet attractive taxi driver named Yonas.